I love the Chiefs. I love being a Chiefs' fan and watching the games. Love hurts.

Week 17 of this past NFL season was one of the most exhilirating experiences of my life. To watch the game against Jacksonville, followed by the classic game that the 49ers played against the Broncos was intensity among the highest of levels to me. I loved it. I loved like I loved it in 95' against the Broncos when Montanna answered John Elway's last-minute drive with one of his own. I loved it like i loved all of the video-game like returns by Dante Hall in the 2003 season to help the Chiefs to a 9-0 start.

The last week of the 2006 NFL season is one of the best memories i will ever have. I will always remember watching LJ dive for the endzone and bounce it to the corner for six. I will remember him breaking the single-season record for rushing attempts. What a hoss.

I'm going to remember those things the way I remember Tait lumbering down the field with the ball in the 2003 season opener against the Browns, setting up a game-winning field goal off a defensive penalty. I still laugh every time I see or hear the name Duane Rudd.

To be on the brink of defeat, of loss... To beat the odds... It's a wonderful feeling.

To remember that is uplifting. It reminds you that there is hope. To remember that with the Chiefs is sometimes painful. One of the most agonizing things i have ever seen my whole life was the playoff game this year.

The performance and playcalling on offense was as bad as I've seen watching any football game I can remember. Not only this season, but the last 3 times the Colts have done this to us. There's always a scapegoat, someone who steps up and chokes unimaginably. I'm absolutely sick of seeing this always happen with the Chiefs.

Just like Lin Elliott undoubtedly failed at his job, Herman Edwards did as well. Some people may disagree but to not put your best talent on the field that gives your team the best chance to win is incompetent as a coach. As is to not realize who your best fit for your team is.

With how the Chiefs' line was blocking this year, it was painfully obvious that we needed more mobility under center. To watch Trent struggle so much was truly painful for me and I felt bad for him.

I also need to mention the fact that the play calling on the offensive side of the ball against the Colts in the playoffs this year was complete lunacy. Someone needs to be institutionalized for thinking that would have worked.

I really think the loss to the colts this year was really the most disappointing. This was our chance for revenge. I wanted blood. I wanted to beat Indy's *** at home so bad that Peyton wanted to go somewhere else next year. We had the pieces to do it. Then we came out, lost our queen, and left our defense on the field so long that they started dropping like pawns.

On a bright note, our defense played exceptional. They had Manning's number and definately played how they needed to win. It's truly tragic that the offense couldn't even muster a field goal after a sack with goal to go.

Edit: I'm not trying to hate on Herm Edwards. I really like the guy and think he seems like an upstanding and good individual. I do, however, question his discretion as far as coaching a football team is concerned. Trent is awesome too, but I would have had Huard in well before the second half of the playoff game. I'm really shocked we didn't even see him that long, given the offensive production in the first half.