I admit it. I always have been a Chiefs fan. If I would describe who the Chiefs are....I would say the actual "chiefs" are more the community aka fans that haev always supported the Chiefs. I would say it is less the current coaching staff. yes it is the players, but i dont have any problem with the current chiefs players.

but do i love to watch the chiefs play right now? NO! why? because they are losing? NO! because their games end in scores like 9-3 or 13-10? YES!!! and i am no longer going to lie to myself that I enjoy watching the Chiefs under this coaching administration more than I like watching a Cowboys game, and I'll even add Packers to that. I enjoy watching both of those teams play. They provide lots of entertainment.

So, YES, I am saying this, until the end of the Herm era, I am going to look forward to Sunday not to see the Chiefs beat or lose to somebody 6-3....but instead watch the packers or cowboys play some exciting offense.

,,,,until the end of herm. cheers.

i am more of a fan of the game and good football than I am a team.

i am not going to pretend anymore to enjoy watching bad football. and if you dont know what bad football is...you havent been watching the Chiefs play this year.

again...i put all the blame on this moron of a coach. not the players. maybe i am too honest for this board. but at least i am honest.