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    It normally doesn't take me this long to do this but I needed some time to let emotions die down to write this. We have been heartbroken many times but this was just far more disappointing. Having your team reach the Super Bowl can be the highest of highs but as we all now know it can be the lowest of the low. This for me was the most down I have ever been after a season. I didn't think I could be any lower the the 38-10 game. But well I was wrong. So here we go with my best effort to put some prospective to the year although it might still be to soon.

    14-2 is remarkable. Even more for the defending champs. When you are the defending champs you take every ones best shot and boy did the Chiefs get that. Even more impressive is the fact that they could have very well been 15-1 had they not rested everyone in Week 17. The team never really played up to their full talent level IMO. They would show you great things and then suddenly look like they forgot how to play. But man when they were on were they fun to watch.

    Mahomes,Hill,Kelce were pretty much unstoppable a fair amount of the time. IMO I was very disappointed in the progression in Hardman or lack there of. The dude has the speed and will show you flashes that he can be a very good WR. Over the past 2 years I have seen him make some pretty impressive catches. The thing that makes a good WR however is doing that week in and week out. To date he has failed to do that. I have over the season seen many talk about getting rid of him. I have said and will say again I don't think that's the best this offseason. But he HAS to show something next year. My biggest wish is they stop having him be the return guy and let him be a WR. Let him focus on that. Pringle showed some real promise in the return game. Yes Hardman had a couple of nice returns but he also has made many poor choices and fumbles. Having said this you do have to keep in mine the offseason was not normal. Hopefully with a more normal offseason he can progress. Time will tell.

    The Offensive line has to be worked on. Getting some guys back will help but they have to improve the depth there. You just can't put out the offensive line we saw in the super bowl and expect to win. It just can't happen under any conditions. THEY HAVE TO GET BETTER. Should draft multiple Offensive linemen it has to get done.

    I hear a lot of talk about Mahomes playing bad in the Super Bowl. I can't agree. Dude ran for his life all night and played with nothing but heart. In short he left it all on the field and had 2 td passes dropped on him. Never know what could have happened if those were caught. IT is what it is but I am damn proud to be a fan of Patrick Mahomes. Dude wants it and he showed it on Sunday night.

    Willie Gay and Sneed were really bright spots at time this year. It's real exciting to see guys so young show so much promise. I really enjoyed watching them play. They had some young guy moments for sure. Hey that's going to happen but it will be nice to see how each come back next season.

    Coaching: When you go 14-2 it's hard to give the coaching a bad grade. I can't give them an A however. The fact that the team did have letups in game all season long and the fact that the Super Bowl happened the way it did with what I feel is a continued same old result of ignoring the run even when you had a guy who was running well to focus on the pass when your QB was running for his life all night all take points away from the grade. B+ is fitting but they lost the A

    After last season and a 14-2 year part of you forgets this feeling. How bitter it is. How much it sucks. We have a young core still who now will have more motivation then they did coming into this year. Bright days are still ahead of us. As long as 15 is there you have a chance. But man does this ending SUCK! Onto next season GO CHIEFS
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    Defense in the Super Bowl cost them penalties. And therefore cost them the game there.
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    First off - THANK YOU 2020 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. It's a miracle we had a season, let alone a 14-2 one, let alone a repeat trip to the Super Bowl. While it sucks we didn't get to keep the Lombardi at Arrowhead, the Lamar Hunt trophy is right were it belongs and next September we can start working on getting the Lombardi back.

    IMO SB 55 was lost at the lines, and at the clipboards. The Bucs' O-line pretty much held our D-Line in check, giving Brady ample time to throw and work the pocket when needed. Fournette also took a lot of pressure off of Brady and had some really effective runs when they were needed. Their D line absolutely held us in check, and collapsed our pocket at will. Not having Fisher or Schwartz really hurt us.

    As bad as our LOS performance was, where we really shot ourselves in the foot, was our coaching. Our O-line didn't look ready. Mahomes couldn't get anything done unless he was running for his life. To borrow a line from a popular SNL skit..."Miracles are great. But they shouldn't be a 'Plan A'. " Mahomes is spectacular, without a doubt, but we simply cannot expect him to yank out a miracle play after miracle play. Early in the game, CEH's number did NOT get called enough, despite the fact that he was running effectively. Williams didn't get much of an opportunity either. Why weren't we running the ball more? That falls on Reid and Bienemy.

    Defensively, there were times when I had hope, but there were way too many times when Spags would go out with just 2 linebackers and thrown in an extra cb. So we went into a super bowl against Brady and Gronkowski thinking that putting a cb against Gronk was a good idea. That got blown apart in a major way. That falls on Spags.

    The final thing about the coaching that bothered me, was it seemed like we didn't make any changes at halftime, offensively or defensively. Normally we're able to make adjustments and at least put the game in reach. Not this time. Arians simply out-coached us (Yes I'm eating crow on that one.)

    Know that a lot of people were complaining about the officiating, and while I thought the call on Ward was really suspect, our guys were grabbing way too much, something that has plagued our secondary for awhile now.

    As bad as this loss was, think it's also a good gauge to see how the coaching staff reacts, and to see if our front office is willing to fix the obvious. Spags needs some help next April, and I'd put middle linebacker at the top of the shopping list. We need a LOT better depth on both the lines. We will also likely need another WR, given we might lose Watkins or Robinson, and can imagine both Pringle and Hardman will be boosted up the roster, with a younger WR being put on KR/PR duty.

    Looking forward to being right back in the playoffs next season. The front office did great with CEH and Sneed this season, Veach don't let us down.


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