It's been a week now since the Super Bowl. Still a bummer

Needing a pick me up I went back and watched some old Chiefs games. One of the games I watched was the season opener from 2012 (Yes I hate myself)

It didn't take me long to find humor in that team. In fact it came on one of the very first offensive drives of the season. 3rd down Cassel makes actually a pretty nice pass to get a first down but it's called back due to holding setting up 3rd and 20 something. Cassel makes a dump off to Dexter Mccluster for about a 7-8 yard pick up and........ He gets up and singles 1st down. I could not stop laughing.

So yes the loss sucked but we are not that team anymore. Those days are long gone. And for that we can take reaching the Super Bowl. And we will be back. GO CHIEFS