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    What a game to start the season.

    That was what we call a game of two halfs.

    It was also the complete reverse of the Bob Sutton Defense. I am not sure what Spags did but that D that ended the game was damn good.

    As many have noted I have over the years been critical of Andy Reid. Today I tip my hat to him. Of my many complaints of Reid is Stubbornness with the playcalling. Today he adjusted big time when it was needed. And it was a big factor on why the Chiefs were able to come back to win that game. Kevin Stefanski is a hell of a coach. He did a better job of preparing his team this week then Reid did. But Reid fixed that in the 2nd half. And that's when it matters most.

    Man how nice was it to see a full Arrowhead again. As Roy said in the game thread it is a magical place. Today the Browns found out as much as you are controlling a game giving that place any reason to get going you can pay the price. The fumble did just that. The Browns might very well be coming back to Arrowhead in the postseason they are a legit contending team. Turnovers were their downfall today. We have been there. Next time they could very well get the job done.

    It's on to the road game against the Ravens. There is quite a bit to work on with the defense. Lets get it done.

    And lastly DAMN how good it is to have football back GO CHIEFS
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    Don't let the first half of today's game fool you. The Browns are a very good team and they almost beat us last time we played. Missing Frank Clark and Tyron Mattieu really hurt our defense. They will be better going forward. Our offense played just about as well as the Browns defense ... and better in the 2nd half.

    What really stuck out in my mind today was how the Chiefs don't quit on themselves. They have trailed by multiple scores on many occasions and usually find a way to win those games. I'm sure many Chiefs fans gave up on them early in this game. But they didn't give up on themselves. They know better. That's a tribute to the kind of character the guys on this team have. Character matters.
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    A really good way to start the season! Coming from behind, to win against a really good team in front of a packed Arrowhead stadium! Coaching on both sides of the ball made adjustments with the mindset of playing to win. Wouldn't be surprised one bit if we see the Browns again in the playoffs.

    Kelce was IMO the one unstoppable thing we had offensively. Once we started getting the ball out to him it began to open things up for the other WR's and our run game. Hill made some nice grabs as well. We definitely have a lot of work to do with the run game and the O-line, though.

    Defense made changes and dug in when it mattered, but I'm still waiting for the day when Spags shows up with a game plan that's four quarters. While I think he has been an upgrade over Sutton, mainly because Sutton wouldn't adjust over the course of the game the way Spags does, still waiting to see the game where defensively we dominate and keep putting the ball back into Mahomes' hands. Granted the Browns are a really good team, and their 1-2 punch at RB is going to affect any team in the league, but there's no excuse for letting them run through us at will the way they did at times.

    This year expecting some bat-poop crazy calls from the refs. That silly go-round with Harrison is my "exhibit A". We get flagged while the guy is on camera shoving a coach after stepping on our downed player ?!?

    All in all it was a good win, fun game to watch. But I'm hoping our coaching staff is looking at from the standpoint of telling them what they need to work on.

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