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    First thing first It's great to be back on the right side of a game.

    I want to start by singing the praises of Andy Reid. Not only for getting his 100th win with the Chiefs but for also the offense I saw today. My main grip with Andy is the lack of effort to even try to get a running game going. Today he used the Run used it well and used it A LOT. If the Chiefs are able to do that then this offense is going to be even better. Thank you Mr.Reid for that. Hopefully that's something that we see more of.

    The only gripe I have with the offense is the 1st drive in the 2nd half. It looked like they came out with blind focus of getting Kelce going. You can understand that he is a huge part of the offense. But can't do that in a game. They fixed it quick so that's good. And hey if that's the only gripe I can have with the offense then it's a pretty darn good day.

    Lets talk about the defense. MAN we know they are not good but it's amazing seeing how they can't do the little things right. They can't even line up correctly way to many times. This is on the coaching staff at this point. They have to get this fixed. Whatever the mess up is they just are not going to beat many teams if the offense has to pretty much score every time they touch the ball. Spaggs is looking a lot like Sutton at times and that is not a good thing at all.

    I will say about the D they are getting better in the redzone. That's not saying a lot but they are holding teams to 3 more than they were the first few weeks of the season when they were not stopping anyone from getting a TD in the red zone. It's a baby step for sure. But it is a step. But a LOT of work needs to be done. Can't keep allowing guys running right up the middle pretty much untouched for the TD.

    I wonder if we won by enough points for people today? I keep hearing that talk and can't help but to think if some of the people talking this talk even watched our games last year. Like the last Eagles TD a lot of our games were that close because of a garbage time TD making it look closer than what it was. But even without that when you are winning games does it really matter by how much?

    Got a big time game next Sunday night. We are going to have to get a MUCH better by the defense if we are going to have any chance of beating the Bills. I am looking forward to being at Arrowhead for this one. Lets get rolling GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!
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    this team may finish around 500 with hiw awful this defense is. the offense has to be perfect every week.

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