It's really amazing how things have changed from the start of the year to now.

On offense we saw a lot of what we have seen to much this year. Drops leading to a pick Fumbles and so on. It was nice to see Clyde back and he popped some nice runs. Once he really gets going it will only be a huge help to the offense. There was also a Josh Gordon sighting or two even if he did drop one of the passes. Hopefully the bye week they can really get him worked into the offense.

The big change was even making the same mistakes the offense has made all year the defense did not allow the Cowboys to do much with them. I got to give a major tip of the cap to Spaggs as bad as they looked at the start of the year was as good as they looked today. Frank Clark and Chris Jones are both starting to show up in games. And Sneed is becoming a really good CB. The win may not have been the biggest and may not have been pretty at times but man the way that game went was a major step for the defense.

The refs were very flag happy. They have been cracking down on taunting all year but come on man you can't be that soft. The NFL needs to get a grip it's really effecting the games being so flag happy in that regard. But that's just my opinion.

The bye week is here and the Chiefs will head into the bye in 1st place. The way the AFC is playing out the Chiefs are still very much in the hunt for the 1 seed. Now hopefully they get a good weeks rest and come back and pound Denver. Giving Denver a beatdown is never a bad thing if you ask me. If there is a good week to have a bye for the players Thanksgiving week is that. Hopefully they can enjoy it and come out of the bye being the team that we know they can be. Happy Thanksgiving and as always GO CHIEFS. Now I got to go watch a Bulls game as I am sure Roy will to :)