I heard Colin Cowherd say that Cowboys/Patriots will be the greatest superbowl of all time this morning on ESPN radio... *gag* *gag* *cough* *puke*

The NFL isn't really all that interesting this year (lopsided AFC divisions, a slew of bad teams, etc) and the Patriots aren't helping anything with their 40+ point blow-outs. Maybe people from Boston and the sports media want to see another undefeated team emerge in the annals of NFL history but a lot of people are going to lose interest.

I think most people don't really want to see yet another post-season matchup between the New England Yankees and Dallas Red Sox. Football looks very similar to baseball this year-- completely lopsided. I thought the salary cap was supposed to prevent this?

Oh yeah, the Pats also got busted for cheating. Their punishment did not include any suspensions, just fines and they had draft picks taken away that they just recouped in a trade with San Fransisco (I think). Picture this: New England wins the superbowl and turns around to get a top-ten pick in the draft next year. The reason why I've been such a huge football fan over the years is because I used to only see this kind of imbalance in MLB or the NBA. Now, it seems that the NFL just wants the big teams to set a bunch of records-- kind of like they want to keep up with MLB because Bonds set the home run record this year or something...

Whatever's going on, it's lame and Boston is killing sports.