Yes we already blew the Steelers out. No that doesn't mean they are not going to give this team a fight.

TJ Watt is going to be a problem. The Chiefs made him a non issue in the regular season meeting It will be very important for them to do it again if they are going to move on.

The running game in going to be important. The Chiefs have been better against the run this year than they have in the past few seasons but they still have not been great. Big Ben is not the QB that he once was but if they get Harris going running the ball then he won't have to be great.

Sometimes in sports teams have something to play for more than winning. With this being Ben's last season most likely they are going to come in with a little extra motivation to keep his season alive and let him go out a winner. The Chiefs have to match that energy.

The Chiefs are the better team. There is 0 reason for them to bow out to the Steelers in the wildcard round. The faster they can put them away the better. If you let a team hang around and get something going you can pay the price with your season. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

The Chiefs have started some playoff games slow over that past few seasons. Lets hope that doesn't happen again.

Chiefs 34 Steelers 17
Go Chiefs