In this Sunday's game The New York Giants (8-4) play at Philadelphia (5-7). The line is Philly by 3. Now they give the home team 3 points for the home field advantage. So that means they're considering the Giants and Eagles to be evenly matched teams. This puzzles me since the Giants are 8-4 and the Eagles are 5-7. Additionally, earlier this year the Giants beat the Eagles 16-3 and Donovan McNabb (who is expected to play this Sunday) was sacked a whopping TWELVE times!
I think the Giants should be 2 or 3 point road favorites. The only thing I can figure out is that Vegas is putting weight on the fact that the Eagles played New England a close game 2 weeks ago. And yet, Baltimore also took New England right down to the wire this past Monday and still they are 9.5 underdogs at home this week against Indi.
Well hopefully the Eagles lose to the Giants and the silly coach Andy Reid (who said he still likes their playoff chances! And the Eagles have to go AT DALLAS the following week, HA!) will realize he and his team will be spectators for the playoffs.

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!