In his dissagreements with his GM, Marty has been shot down. He is now unemployed after a great season, and once more has failed to take a team to the Big Dance.

Hey Mr. Peterson, now that Marty and Bill are now available, you could go out and get them, along with Herm, and have the same coaches you had when you started your tenure with the Chiefs.

It could be old homecoming week, thank about it, you could all sang "Hail, Hail, The Gang Is All Here" and have a party and everything, you could all plan how you are going to miss the next Super Bowl together, "Wow" all together, all the great minds, you could start a new five year program, together!!

I don't know how you can pass this opportunity up, the Fans won't mind, they are use to it, (grin).

8-) :pint: