I rarely visit this site anymore because everytime I do my blood starts to rush while reading, because the forum is filled with so much hate and negativity towards the team that I love and cheer for and defend every week.. And this is a Chiefs fan site!!!!!!! Hey HermHater have you ever played a sport in your life besides synchronized swimming??? Because some of your off the wall comments are ridiculous... Like this one that got me really mad, something about how losing is a mentality that carries over to the next year.. Great statement!!!!! yeah I'm sure these guys play football and want to go 0-16 every year because they're used to losing. Maybe that should be the goal, right?? You love the Dick Vermeil era, great, he was a great coach but accomplished nothing. 13-3 and got bounced out of the playoffs at home in the first round they played in. You guys bash a coach that took over an aging team that has had two hall of fame offensive lineman retire in his first two years. What do you think they are a dime a dozen?? Especially a Left Tackle. He took over a team in transition and last year was almost a gift to make it to the playoffs. I think the draft over the passed two years has been good with the exception being medlock. Theres a bright future with an influx of young talent coming in every year. At least I'm a realistic fan and no matter what will defend my team even from so-called other chiefs fans. If you hate this team so much and get your jollies off when you bash it go be a RAIDERS fan!!!!!!!!!