Well that wasn't the best of starts

I am going to be positive about the defense. They did a pretty solid job tonight got a couple of turnovers and really gave us a chance to win against a darn good offense from a season ago. If we are at 100% on offense that effort is good enough to win 95 times out of 100 from the D. Even without Chris Jones. Work to do but I am happy with the start. Spaggs teams get better as the season goes so I am not upset about the defense at all after this game.They allowed 2 tds all night. If we don't have that pick 6 right off Toney's hands we still win.

Offense Mahomes was Mahomes. He was great. Only problem is he could not start at QB and Wr. And that's where this game was lost in the WR spot. Toney Skyy couldn't catch the ball if their life depended on it. They were awful tonight. And they are the biggest reason we lost that game. If they are even average instead of being awful then we win that game. At least it happens week 1 and not in the post season. Is about the only good thing I can say about what they did on that field tonight.

Rice had a drop as well but he caught the next couple one for a TD and one for a big gain. Hey you expect rookies to have those mistakes. But it was nice to see that he was able to bounce back.

I kept watching NBC go on and on about the false starts not being called. I don't recall that being talked about when he was doing it against the Chiefs in the playoffs in January. He has done it his whole career and nobody cared. It got annoying that they now suddenly care about it but we are that team now.

Not the start to the season that we would have hoped for that's for sure. But all thing considered seeing that without Kelce we really lost that game for ourselves I am not that upset. We get Kelce back and I think we will be fine. That and a good week of WRs working on catching the ball I am not the smartest guy in the world but that's kinda part of their jobs. You could say the Chiefs are 1-0 they beat the Chiefs. On to the next one. Time to see how they respond to this start