Well a win is a win and this was a win

I will once again start with that DEFENSE

Can't say I expecting what I saw today but that's a good thing. They have been nothing short of outstanding to start the season. Even better this week on the final drive they didn't allow the go ahead TD. Didn't allow a TD at all today. That's tough to do against a good offense in todays NFL. They were a little bend but don't break like last year but a better version of it. They did far less bending.

Chris Jones was a force today. He missed a sack that he might have had if he didn't chose to hold out of camp. But other than that you would think he was in mid season form. While many might still be ticked about last week and hey I am to you have to give him some credit for being in game shape despite not having camp and pre season.


Well still in need of work. I thought there was something off with Kelce today. Hopefully just a little rust from the first real game in months. But I don't think he was at 100% something just looked off with him. Though he did still manage to make an impact in the game.

O line to many flags. The media did a lot of talking F*** Mike Tirico and they made and example of the Chiefs today for sure. Only wish holding was called both ways. And I am sure Tirico will complain about the BS no call on what should have been OPI this week. Right mike?

It's on to the Bears at Arrowhead a game that the Chiefs should be able to win. But they are going to have to clean a lot of things up. Lets get it done