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Thread: How you guys feeling?

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    Default How you guys feeling?

    Tell me how you guys are feeling? Every day since the title game I have felt like I wanna Puke lol I doubt that is gonna change until the Clock Hits double zero's during the 4th quarter, we are gonna need a near perfect game from everybody for all 4 quarters, Yes Andy I'm talking to you as well, Please for the love of God nothing Cute or Stupid. Establish the run and take what the defense gives you when passing.

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    Feeling good myself. Sunday might be a different story.

    And we all know we are going to have to deal with some cuteness and the screens that go nowhere. But the defense has been through Allen and Lamar they should be able to handle Purdy
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    2 more days fellas and we can potentially win our 3rd superbowl in 7 years

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    TBH, I'm just thrilled that the Chiefs are playing in their 4th Super Bowl in 5 years especially after it looked "iffy" for awhile this year. That is Michael Jordan's Bulls level of success! Of course I hope we win, but if we lose I won't be too upset about it. I'm able to step off the thrill ride and move on to the next attraction in the amusement park.

    I love football and I love the Chiefs. But it's not life and death and I won't let the outcome of a game ruin my day, or my week. My faith, family and friends are SO much more important than a final score.
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