No reasonable explanations for way Chiefs are playing


If Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards woke up Sunday morning determined to prove that Eddie Drummond no longer belongs inside an NFL uniform, Kansas Cityís 2007 Arrowhead Stadium finale was a smashing success.

If they awakened with the intention of providing frustrated Chiefs fans with a smidgen of hope for next season, well, letís just say my dietitian had more success at Ollie Gatesí all-you-can-eat-and-take-home Christmas party.

With the Tennessee Titans in town, the Chiefs mired in an extended losing streak and patience wearing razor-thin on King Carlís two-decade Super Bowl plan, Arrowhead Stadium has finally turned into a hostile, half-empty environment for the homeboys.

As the Chiefs lost their seventh straight, 26-17, Kansas City football fans watched while wearing paper bags, waving smart-aleck signs and shouting expletives.

ďWe donít have a home-field advantage right now,Ē defensive end Jared Allen said, stating the obvious.

Nope, Sundayís debacle dropped the Chiefs to 2-6 at the crib this year and 4-10 overall.

Hey, Iím all good with the losing and improvement in KCís draft position. Itís the way the Chiefs are losing that has me up in arms. Thereís no rhyme or reason to what is transpiring with the Chiefs.

Prosecution witness No. 1: Eddie Drummond.
Why? That has been the question about Drummond all season. Why was Drummond signed at the end of training camp when Justin Phinisee, a kid who fit KCís supposed youth movement, had performed so admirably as the Chiefsí return man? And now why would the Chiefs return Drummond to the active roster after he enjoyed a very productive month of standing along the sideline in street clothes?

Drummond canít help the Chiefs in 2008, and he damn sure canít help them in 2007.

Drummond fumbled a punt, botched a perfectly blocked return with needless juking and stutter-stepping, and slipped and fell inside KCís 5 on another return.

When I asked Edwards why Drummond was dusted off and put in position to embarrass himself and the organization again, the coach had no plausible explanation.

Reasonable explanations have become a scarce commodity at One Arrowhead Drive. King Carl and Edwards keep referencing a Plan to fix this mess. A Plan is exactly what has been missing from day one.

What Iím about to write isnít mentioned to toot my own horn; itís referenced to demonstrate that none of us should be surprised by what weíre witnessing. I refer you to the column I wrote the day before Kansas Cityís season opener. It was headlined ďChiefs on a trip to nowhereland.Ē

Hereís the key excerpt:
ďIf you watched HBOís ĎHard Knocks,í you didnít hear a lot of talk about the Super Bowl or even the playoffs. We were just treated to unprecedented access into the Chiefs organization, but we have no idea what the goal is for this yearís squad.

ďGood coaches and sound organizations find unique, compelling and entertaining ways to repeat the same message over and over again. What was Hermís message? The lack of one says a lot about where this organization is headed. Nowhere. The Chiefs are neither rebuilding nor reaching for the playoffs.Ē

This thing is stale and in need of a drastic overhaul. There is no singular vision driving this organization. King Carl has run out of fresh ideas. Thatís no crime. He had a good run. The crime is holding on well past usefulness. The crime is not getting out of the way and giving others a chance. By holding on, heís allowed chaos and desperation to run wild.

Iíve harped on the Drummond-Phinisee stupidity all season because itís a sign of the organizationís insecurity. The personnel department and coaching staff watched a kid win the job, then gave it to a washed-up old-timer with a decent resume and connection to KCís special-teams coachís dad. What a bunch of clowns.

Greg Wesley, despite his frustrations about losing his starting spot, has actually shown up each Sunday and given a solid effort. He didnít suit up against the Titans to make room for an additional cornerback. Meanwhile, three-year free-agent bust Kendrell Bell was back in action. Why?

Clark Hunt told me Sunday that heíll speak with the media after the season. He needs to be wearing his Big Boy shoes. Chiefs fans are ready for a new direction, new leadership. If Clark sticks with the status quo or tries to elevate one of Petersonís cronies to general manager, the Chiefs fans that show up at Arrowhead next season will be angrier than the crew that just left.