I took my GF to a local Mexican restaurant tonight after halftime.

I was unable to watch the rest of the game (it hurt too much) so we went out for margaritas and salsa!

While waiting for our food, I over heard a family of about 8 people talking about Jared Allen.

The lady who appeared to be the oldest (about 76 or so) heard me grunt in agreement about how JA is doing this year.

We then got into a discussion of what has happened to the Chiefs, and how it doesn't look good for us.

I said "There is always next year!" and kind of laughed, because we had also talked about Herm, and she railed against CP.

After the family paid the check they said their goodbyes to us and took their leave...

Except for one...

He was hidden from my view by this huge guy in a Chiefs sweatshirt, to my left.

As the family filed out of the section we were in, a man of indeterminate age stopped at our table and said (this is a fact, I am not making this up because I hate Herm, ask my GF), "But I won't live that long."

His eyes were full of life, and he knew exactly what we had been talking about from across the table.

We had a few more words about the Chiefs (he kept telling me how he used to go out to the old stadium) and then his daughter showed up and grabbed his elbow.

She apologized for him and said "He wanders off, let's go home Dad."

The old guy looked at me, and I looked at his daughter.

Then we both shared a chuckle, and I said "Next year will be better, hang in there."

I doubt that he will ever see another Chiefs game, but that moment made the entire season worth it!