Happy New Year Everybody!!!!

I knew that Herm would be back, however, i did not think that Carl would have. Here's to a good draft in April and hopefully some good moves in Free Agency. I know they want to build through the draft, but we just have way too many holes to fill without a little free agency help. Not expecting a playoff run next year, just steady improvement. (8-8, with a winning record at home)

That game on Sunday was boring, and hard to watch. I wish I could have a job where mediocrity was the status quo, and that I would have job security regardless of my incompetence. I know there are plenty of you that like Herm and want to give him a chance, but still what has he done. No one that supports him has given any statistics defending him, or given any explanation as to why you think he's a good coach. Sub .500 record, in 7 seasons and he has never rebuilt a team, Parcells rebuilt those Jets.

I hope Tony doesn't retire...Am I the only one thinking that?