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Thread: How can someone so sweet wear something like that??

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    Default How can someone so sweet wear something like that??

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    So there I was, minding my own business, at a bar when the bartender brings me over a fresh pint, sets it down, and tells me the lady at the end of the bar sent this over. This is new territory for me, itís never happened before. So, being the somewhat classy guy I like to think I am, I get my phone out and google proper etiquette for just such an occurrence. Google says to stroll over there and at the very least say thanks, and maybe offer to buy her a drink. So, thatís what I did. That was December 21st..the one that just past. We ended up talking, laughing and having a couple more drinks, exchanged phone numbers and kept talking/texting. We went out for lunch one day, itís been nice. So, Iím talking to her on Saturday, and mention to her that Iím meeting with some friends to watch football on Sunday afternoon, and if she wants to join us all, she is more than welcome. That sounds like fun she says, and says she can be there right after work. So, Sunday rolls around, and I meet my friends at the place and around 2 she arrives I do introductions of everyone there, and ask her what she would like to drink and go up to the bar to get her a drink.
    I turn around and start walking towards our table, and I canít see her anymore, all I notice is a Raiders jersey that says ďMRS CARRĒ on the back. She did mention to me that she likes football, but never told me she was a Faders fan. So, I mustered up all my courage, got back to the table, looked at her jersey, and flat out asked her ďWhy are you wearing that?? Were all the good teams sold out??Ē Now, sheís a very nice lady, so I donít think Iím going to stop seeing her just because she has bad taste in football teams..In factÖthis could make for some interesting side bets in the future!!

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    If she is a good person it shouldn't matter what team she likes, go for it son

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