i really like the fact that we signed a true mlb like harris. he's a young vet who knows the tampa system real well. that said, why don't we send Trent Green and Jared Allen/or draft pick to Chicago for Briggs and a draft pick? that would give us one of the best LB corps in the league with harris, briggs and johnson. they'll be young and under contract for a long time.

then we could try and move Bell to replace Allen at end. He's still fast and athletic... and young. then we could use the extra draft pick for a DT, OL, CB or WR.

If the bears don't want Allen, we use a draft pick to bring in Briggs and we trade Allen for any of the afforementioned needs of the team.

with this scenario, seems like all parties are happy. Chicago gets the qb who wont turn over the ball and a good DE or draft pick, K.C. gets a strong linebacking corp and options to address futher needs plus the abilitiy to allow Croyle to take the reigns in a very challenging season that should be chalked up to a rebuilding year. Also, all disgruntled players get traded like they want.