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well, y'all were so excited about Fitz, is there any interest in OCHO CINCO? Apparently he wants out of Cincy and on a radio show even suggested he'd be ok with going to the Raiders. i don't even want to touch this, but i WAS curious for those of you out there who WOULD like to bring this guy in, what exactly would you be willing to give up to get him?

Keep in mind that if he were a restricted FA, he'd probably be a high tender FA requiring we give up our 1st and 3rd round picks.
I have minnimal in bringing either in, because of what it would cost us. Unless we were to bring in both Faneca and Starks, I don't think that we can afford to lose any of our first day draft picks. And with all of those contracts, I doubt that we could stay under the cap.

But there is no harm in dreaming a bit.