I don't see a lot of posts out here, so I'll try to get it started. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The offense gives up the ball @ the 50 with 5 minutes left to go and the defense closes the deal?!?! This defense looks like it will bend, but not break.

But the offense? Where are they? This is not the #1 O from the last 3 years we are used to. Let's hope they start clicking. If they do, watch out...

Did anyone read on the Chiefs web-site that Green said the Raider fans throw batteries at the buses. That is ridiculous. The costumes look like fun until you realize there are felons behind the masks...

And what was up w/ ESPN? I'm sure Sharpe had on his Raider tie. He kept saying "we are really sticking it to the Chiefs D". Eddie Kennison makes 5 people miss for a 14 yard pick up, and he is still talking about the quality of the corners? And I have never seen as much hero-worship as his "commentary" on Moss. I truly believe he had on his "I heart Moss" under-roos. GIVE ME A BREAK. There are special times when you need the color guy to step up with special commentary and the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry calls for special times. Unfortunately, ESPN dropped the ball.

A win in Denver means a 2 game lead in the AFC West.

Any other St. Louis - Chiefs fans out there?