it is officially over. the chiefs opportunity to get to the superbowl with the "current roster and current offense" is over. The window has shut, that ship has sailed, and in our ear.... yes that fat lady is busting our ear drum. so, where do we go from here? First, we find a new GM. All those cliche's apply to him as well. he's had his shot. 15 or so years and we have an average team to show for it.

step 2: aquire draft picks. obvious names first.
  • Trent Green to Oakland. While i'd hate to see Trent turn into Gannon, even if he does, its only for a couple years and it keeps Oakland from doing anything smart with a draft pick. in return we recieve Warren Sapp and the 192nd pick in the 7th round. we all saw sapp on national television putting that bug in herm's ear, don't act like it didn't happen.
  • Greg Wesley to Jacksonville. they need safety help in the worst way. kinda like us a couple years ago. in return we recieve pick 179 in the 6th round. we have page to back him up.
  • Dante Hall to Tennessee. The Titans are shopping Pac Man and will be in need of a return specialist if he goes. in return we recieve pick 173 in the 6th round. we have webb to replace hall.
  • Sammy Knight to Houston. Another team who needs a safety badly. while i think Pollard is still a little raw, he will be a superstar at the safety position. in return we recieve pick 104 in the 4th round.
now the fun starts:
  • Jared Allen to Atlanta. Atlanta is looking to replace Kerney at DE. Allen is looking for a way out of K.C. and i think we should oblige. in return we recieve pick 10 in the first round and pick 105 in the 4th. while i understand this is an unpopular trade, it could net big gains while cutting out a cancer that disgruntled players usually become in the clubhouse.
  • Larry Johnson to Tampa Bay. Before you start with the hate mail, hear me out. Larry is not happy in K.C. he never has been. it's too republican, he didn't get enough playing time, he's not payed right, etc... as soon as we pay this guy, it's a HUGE hit to the salary cap and he has all the signs of the next T.O. Rumors say vets want him gone and that he's not a good teammate. the image that sticks in my head is the game winning 50 something yard kick to win a game last season. while the whole team was jumping on the sideline, L.J. had his hands behind his back without a smile. Cadillac williams hasn't done the job in tampa. sending him to the NFC means we may or may not see him ever again after the 2008 season. in return we recieve pick #4 in the 1st round and pick #35 in the second.
these trades give us 15 picks in the 2007 draft.
  • round/pick#/point value
  1. 1st/ 4/ 1800-recieved from tampa
  2. 1st/ 10/ 1300-recieved from Atlanta
  3. 1st/ 23/ 760
  4. 2nd/ 35/ 550-recieved from tampa
  5. 2nd/ 54/ 360
  6. 3rd/ 66/ 260-recieved from detroit
  7. 3rd/ 84/ 170-trade to detroit
  8. 4th/ 103/ 88-trade to detroit
  9. 4th/ 106/ 84
  10. 5th/ 151/ 31.4
  11. 6th/ 173/ 22.2-recieved from tennessee
  12. 6th/ 179/ 19.8-recieved from jacksonville
  13. 6th/ 180/ 19.4-recieved from dallas
  14. 6th/ 181/ 19
  15. 7th/ 192/ 14.6-recieved from oakland
  16. 7th/ 212/ 6.6
now, what to do with those picks?
  1. Gaines Adams, DE, CLEMSON- fast player to grow up with Hali on the end. Obvious replacement for Allen.
  2. Amobi Okoye, DT, LOUISVILLE- aside from the name which Chiefs' fans should love, he is YOUNG (19) with incredible upside and room to grow and learn.
  3. Michael Bush, RB, Louisville- would do well in replacing L.J. almost identacle body types and running styles with a much lower number in the age category.
  4. Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC- Obviously we need a WR.
  5. Justin Blalock, OG, TEXAS- Start grooming replacements... although we're a little late, we need to get on this. i trust terry and mcintosh enough for one season that we can hold off on an OT this year, but if shields retires... what then? Bober? what if wiegman retires? bober has to be the center. this is good security if he's still on the board.
  6. Demarcus "Tank" Tyler, DT, NCST - anyone with the name "TANK" should be a good pick for a DT. could either step in next to Sapp or behind Okoye. either way, he's in the rotation.
  7. Mason Crosby, K, COLORADO- we need a kicker, he's the best.
  8. Aundrae Allison, WR, E. CAROLINA- potential to be a late round steal, has the ability to be the next Randy Moss. 4.35 40 i think is what i heard on this guy for a 6 footer.
  9. Doug Datish, C, OHIO STATE- I'm not thrilled with Bober as the future at center. i'm alo unsure about Nieswander. nothing against either, i just don't know much about them.
  10. Anthony Arline, CB, Baylor- Marcus Maxey is the only CB on the roster behind Law and Surtain.
  11. C.J. Wilson, CB, BAYLOR- Arline and Wilson have played 4 years together and if the two were inserted into the defense together would be great as a tandem for the next decade. plus these 2 are the best CB's still on the board in the 6th round.
  12. Kasey Studdard, OG, TEXAS- people are always talking about how good it is for offensive lines to stay together, play games together, etc... bringing studdard along with blalock could be huge. this may in the future give us flexibility to trade Waters for a high draft pick if we choose.
  13. Mike Otto, OT, PURDUE- big size, could be a find.
  14. Ramonce Taylor, RB/KR, FREE AGENT- very fast, great vision. when he played for TEXAS in the National Championship game, he simulated Reggie Bush in practice. this guy is an athlete and a late round gem.
now that you have my little "mock draft" you can see our new roster.

while i realize there are a lot of Rookies and 2nd year players starting on this list, i think it's the best for our team. our schedule like i said will be brutal. aside from the home/home series with the division opponents, we go on the road to play both superbowl teams, the texans, lions and the 10 win jets. we stay home to play teams like the jags, titans, packers, vikings and bengals. all of those teams are playoff contenders. plus, like i said home and away with the chargers, broncos and raiders. i'm sorry, this team as it stands isn't a playoff team. not with the titans, jets, jags, bengals, and steelers out there to go along with the ravens, broncos, chargers and oh yeah, the super bowl champ colts. so, why not build this team correctly and go through a couple rough years with croyle to reap the rewards of a juggernaught team for the next decade?

i know its all about ticket sales, but i'd like to see this team play. i'd buy tickets to watch the young beasts on defense. can you imagine how good this team will be when they get experience? plus, in next year's draft, we could draft a couple shut down CB's and the defensive rebuild is complete.

now, let the hate mail flow.