How bout a little group fun?

If this team is REALLY gonna take a couple years and "major reconstructive surgery" over that span to become a contender again, who should be on and stay on this team? Who will be too old when we are good? Who could we trade now to bring more draft picks?

Here's some fun to get started that will surely get some feathers ruffled.

Trade Tony Gonzales: He's been the ultimate Chief and it's a shame Peterson couldn't get him a ring. The best way he can do that now is to trade him to a contender for a #1 pick or a young, good player.

Trade Jared Allen: Negotiate a sign and trade with Allen. Tell him to list 10 teams he would accept a trade to and get the best possible bounty you can for arguably the best pass rusher in league. Perhaps a first rounder and more.

Trade Larry Johnson: Get ANYTHING you can for him. Huge contract with big questions after an injury laden 2007. This one may be best to move next season.

I think those 3 players, the best the Chiefs have to offer in the prime of their careers would bring huge bounty to help with the rebuilding. Bringing in a bunch of first rounders and more young players may require just one more "rebuilding year.

So, who else should stay and who else should go?