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Allen would be pushing for more money, because he was still under his rookie contract. Low figures there. I agree, that when you sign a contract, you should honor it. However, it has become commonplace, in the league, to threaten sitting out, when you are exceding expectations.
It is very hard to expect one group (the players) to honor the contract over the full term, when they know from history that the other party (the owners) will terminate the contract at will.

What needs to happen is that contract terms need to be guaranteed. (deja vu, I think I've said this before), and the owners would then only offer contracts that are reasonable. Then there needs to be an arbitration system (similar to the one in baseball) where younger players that are outperforming their contract can get a raise without holding out and hurting themselves and their teams.

This is too much common sense (Chiefster's next response) and it likely won't happen...but to expect a player to fulfill a contract that isn't worth the paper its written on to the owner, is an unjust expectation.

In an arbitration system, LJ would've gone to arbritation in Feb/Mar, gotten his contract in April and participated in 100% of the offseason program and all of training camp.

It wouldn't fix the Bowe issue, or JaMarcus Russell, but veteran holdouts would become virtually non-existent.