I just wanted to Post here and Say I know Jared Allen has a bad rap off the field with his Stupid DUI 's . I really hope If he stays he doesnt come on to the field to Boos every game because he wants more money . I think out of everyone on that defense, he was the most productive. Also He played with passion for the game when he was on the field . He probably has a jerkoff agent who is doing most of the speaking on his behalf . Making him look like a schmuck to the Chiefs fans. I think he deserves a pay raise because he brings it to the field every game . His actions on the field warrant the extra cash. Off the Field I would have to say he needs to have a stipulation in his contract that he gets some type of help with his addiction to Alcohol . I call it an addiction because its definately affecting his personal life and his careeer. I really hope we keep him . Somehow I feel more at ease with him in the game . He is definately a huge factor on how well our defense plays . Also I would like to see Tamba Hali have a breakout season this year .... Thanks for listing to my point of view !