S Sammy Knight and OT Kyle Turley have been released by the Chiefs.

The Sammy Knight release is a bit of a surprise. While I will be pleased to see Pollard starting, next season, I certainly wasn't expecting to see them give Sammy the axe.

Turley, on the other hand, comes as no surprise. While he had, once, been an animal, on the Saints' and Rams' offensive lines, he was aweful with the Chiefs, after returning from a severe back injury.

I think this puts a little bit more emphasis on the need for an OT through the, upcoming draft. With the acquisition of OT Damion Macintosh, i think the Chiefs believe they have filled an immediate need. Clearly, though, there is still a shortage of long term talent. Kevin Sampson is the only other true T on the roster. I hope this means that the Chiefs will be drafting some O-line help, on the first day of the draft.