WTF are the Houston Texans thinking?!?!?!?!?!

They traded away two second round draft pickS, and dropped themselves two places, from eighth to tenth, in the first round. They did this to pick up a backup quarterback, Matt Schaub. (who they will, likely, start)

The baffling part of this transaction is the fact that David Carr was their starter last season. He led the N.F.L. in completion percentage, by three full percentage points. He threw only twelve interceptions.

Here is a list of quarterbacks who had, at least as many.

Tom Brady 12 No comment
Carson Palmer 13 Stud quarterback
Michael Vick 13 N.F.L. golden child, and starter ahead of Matt Schaub
Tony Romo 13 Half season, and pro-bowl
Matt Hasselbeck 15 playoffs
Chad Pennington 16 Playoffs

There are a whole lot of others, I could have added to this list. A list of guys who threw fewer would have been alot easier. In fact......Starters for the entire season.....

Marc Bulger 8
Peyton Manning 9
Phillip Rivers 9
Drew Brees 11


All of this after being the most sacked quarterback in the N.F.L., the previous season. Meaning, he he was a very good quarterback without the benefit of a good O-line.

THE HOUSTON TEXANS ARE S....T....U.....P.....I.....D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!