for real guys, Allen is now saying he won't be at offseason workouts. he doesn't plan on signing the one year contract until just before training camp. which also means he'll miss the mandatory workout in june. so, lets start the wish list for a trade for Allen. apparently, the guy wants a ginormous contract. i read somewhere that he's looking for Manning money. first, he's a defensive player, so he wont get offensive money...second, he's not THAT good of a defensive end. if we were talking about Freeney, Merriman, or Peppers, then i'd say hell yeah, give 'em the money.... But Jarred Allen???!! really now...

so, i would like a first rd pick, or 2 2nds or a combo of 1 2nd and 2 3rds.
hell, i'd even take a player swap. maybe for a reciever...Moss maybe T.O.? nevermind... lets not open that bag of worms. but seriously, maybe a good WR or young CB that way we fulfill one of our draft needs and we could replace Allen in the draft.

we don't need this cancer on a young team. if he gets what he wants, they'll all start doing it. cut the cancer out now before it spreads.