How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl comes once a year and can be a time for you, your friends, and family to spend quality time together while watching T.V. You don't have to be interested in football nor sports at all to get into the spirit of the Super Bowl. Here's a few steps on how to throw a Super Bowl party. [edit] Steps

  1. Clean the house. You want the place to be in a decent condition when your guests arrive. Welcoming your guests into a pig sty with laundry on the floor or empty soda cans creates an uninviting mood to people. Share the enjoyment & relaxation and make them feel at home.
  2. Set up the house. Lay out any tables, bring chairs, and bring out the barbecue set. Cover tables with table cloths and tuck several garbage bags somewhere close to the table for easy access. Put up decorations or team names and colors.
  3. Go shopping for food and beverages. If you wish, you can ask people to pitch in either with money or to bring food to the house. Food can include chips and dip, picnic or barbecue items like hamburgers and hotdogs, or order pizza in advance. Beverages include soda and juice for kids and various kinds of beer for adults. Usually stores will have Super Bowl specials, for example a 2 for 1 deal or discounts/sales for the week.
  4. Get your groceries organized. You don't need to choose over which chips you open first - open everything and put some of each in two to four bowls, depending on how many people are coming over for the game. Place the drinks in coolers first, then dump ice over them.
  5. Make your guests feel at home when they arrive. Talk about the game while the pre-show is going on. Make bets to see who thinks which team is going to win. Add side bets, for example point spreads and the amount of yards the MVP (most valuable player) ran.
  6. Use half time as the lunch break. Super Bowl commercials are known and notorious for being the best and highest paid commercials to be played on T.V. Also use half time to discuss the game progression and other things.
  7. Recruit people to help you clean or tidy the place after the game. Ask people if they want leftovers of the food and drinks. After everyone leaves, do some very light cleaning and then relax!

[edit] Tips

  • If there is a barbecue, help each other or cook the food prior to the start of the game. Unless one person doesn't mind being in front of smoke and not the T.V., everyone should help in some way.
  • Plastic and paper over silverware is the key! Paper plates, plastic utensils, and cups are disposable and cheap. Use silverware, like tongs, for food. Coolers that contain alcohol should be secured while children are around.

[edit] Warnings

  • Limit your guests' alcohol intakes, if they intend to drive later.
  • Warn your guests that there may be people coming back on the road from bars and their own parties; so take extra caution.