The current hot topic around the NFL isn't about QB Trent Green or David Carr's future NFL homes but rather RFA RB Michael Turner of the San Diego Chargers.

The buzz centers around the Tennessee Titans are their need for a starting RB. As a high tender restricted free agent, the Titans will be required to provide draft compensation equal to a 1st and 3rd round picks for the contract rights to Turner. There has been early speculation that this could be in the form of the two teams flip-flopping 1st round picks [#19 & #30], but the value just isn't there as it relates to the draft interests of the Chargers.

Chances are the Titans will need to decide if parting with picks #1/19, #4/115 and #6/188 is worth the services of RB Michael Turner.

This difficult process could be facing other teams as well, such as Buffalo and Cleveland if another top-rated RB should become available. If the Chiefs were to place RB Larry Johnson on the trading block what would his market value be and what could the Chiefs expect in return?