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    Just to emphasize the point about the offensive line being the top-two (at least) priorities for this team, this offseason...

    Since 2002, the Chiefs' sacks allowed total has risen.

    Year sacks allowed rank

    '02 26 8th

    '03, 21 4th

    '04, 32 10th

    '05, 32 15th.

    '06, 41 22nd.

    '07, 55 - 32nd.

    But that is only one half of the evidence. The running game has also taken a beating...

    Year YPC Rank

    '02, 5.1 2nd

    '03, 4.3 12th

    '04, 4.6 3rd

    '05, 4.6 5th

    '06, 4.2 13th

    '07, 3.3 - 31st

    Here is a look at the trend that our offense has taken altogether...

    Year Points rank yards rank

    '02 29.2 1st 375 4th

    '03 30.3 1st 369.4 2nd

    '04 30.2 2nd 418.4 1st

    '05 25.2 6th 387 1st

    '06 20.7 15th 321.4 16th

    '07 14.1 31st 276.8 - 31st

    Rather you like the "high-flying" offense, or not, you have to score points to win the game. And if you want to have a "ball-control" offense, then you have to be able to move the ball when you have it, or the clock doesn't move. The better that you can do these things, the better the chances are that you will win games.

    Aside from a coaching change, the obvious change that has caused the erosion of our offensive production is the loss of Hall of Fame offensive linemen, Willie Roaf, and Will Shields. (Roaf retired before the '06 season, and Shields before '07. Do you see how the numbers reflect that?) and with Wiegman set to retire, the offensive line will be losing a third stater from the offensive line.

    With only Damien MacIntosh having been added, and Welbourne needing to be replaced, That leaves two qualified starters, in a combined, five starting positions.

    Every other position that we have is covered with qualified NFL starters. While depth and youth are required at Cornerback, the need is not for an immediate starter. (Yet.)

    Either through free-agency, trade, or the draft, we have to find, or make, three starters for the offensive line, before the '08 season.

    (I was bored.)
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