Anyone sitting around just chomping at the bit to hear anything on the NFL Channel or ESPN about the Chiefs. I get so pissed watching NFL channel and all you hear is Colts this patriots that, and five hours worth of PACMAN Jones coverage . Just give them some time to think on the bench and shut up already . Talk some Chiefs Fottball for a change !. Oh and not LJ ringing the Wall street bell either. Lets hear some real news, like where is Priest and Where is the Trent green deal going. Comon media even things out a bit and give us some dirt ! Stop sending Dion Sanders to talk to all the bad little boys about how they should act . He was great I admit but a showoff and not a good representative of right and wrong. Blah, Blah, Blah .......Damn I want the season to start so bad its driving me crazy. I have already been to mapquest trying to see how far I would have to dive just to see the training camp . ( BTW its an hour less of a drive to training camp then to arrowhead for me ) . Man Its like 3:43 Am and Im just rambling on now ....What was I saying again ? Oh yeah.......Start the damn season already !!!!!!!