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I thought this would happen. Did not want it, I would rather we signed him with out using the tag!

cp at his at his best! :character00270: Dragging us down the S hole! Why can't cp sign a great player to a fair deal with out causing turmoil. You have a great player, he needs a fair contract, at least give a offer, and start the negotiations!

Hopefully this is just BS to get a deal done!
One big advantage is that no other team will be able to get involved in any talks with Jared. That could play to our advantage if we are going to try and get a long-term deal done with him.

However, it could work against us as well.

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Exactly what I was thinkin!! Not ONE fricken offer!!! Not even a low ball offer. Nothin!! If this deal doesn't get done, will you still feel that CP is doing a good or ok job?
No. But it won't change the way I see his tenure with the Chiefs that much. Not that I would say that has done a great job, but that he hasn't been as bad as most people percieve.