I am going to the game on Monday in Denver. Some friends have flaked out and Im going alone. I would love to ride with someone or someone to ride with me so I dont have to drive alone or pay alone. I have gas $$$ and my tickets already and Im no trouble at all. I live right by arrowhead. If you are staying in Hotel I can get my own room there or nearby with no trouble to you. I also have many connections in Denver if you need a place to stay. I go to all the home chiefs games and 3 or 4 away games and I have tickets to all the games and Im definitely good for a favor in the future as far as the chiefs. I am renting a car or driving mine if I dont get a ride, so if you would like to change plans and ride with me let me know. Im just trying to get a break on this one!! my cell is 816 914 2464.