i cant find my wallet...and the chinese food place across the street is tooooo far away in my condition...and i cant use any appliances to cook. i think i can use the can openr. im sooooo hungry. i hate that you cant eat before u go to the dentist. i should eat all kinds of stuff. make them earn their money when i get there. you don't take a clean shirt to the dry cleaners. but i'm hungry...and i really wany chicken balls, but i want like 100 chicken balls and just snack on them all day. my teeth are soo smooth when u go to the dentist 250lbs feels heavier that i usually does. i accidentally punched my dentisit in the shoulder but not by accident!! i was putting on my coat and i hit em. tahke that sucka!! i almost fell over. sooooo i am at homeby myself and i am hungry. but i cant do nothing...damn now i want toco bell chili cheese burritos. mym back isa itchy in that one spot that yo can never reach., it sucks. what are you guys doin later tonite? I am gonna watch some moovies i got american gangster and 30 days of night! yikes. friggin snow all over the place. i kicked the dogs bone when i went pee. hurts now.