This posted on the warpaint forums and you need to read it from the bottom up because the top part is actually the update to the lower post ( check the dates ) . Just thought I would lay it out there for something to talk about !

NEW: Friday Morning - Jared Allen Update

According to Fox Sports Radio in Philadelphia. The Eagles are close to signing former New England Patriots cornerback Assante Samuels to a long term contract. Hours before the team gave permission to their current starting cornerback Lito Sheppard permission to seek a trade.

According to the report on Fox Sports Radio, the Eagles are prepared to send their first round draft pick (#19) and their fourth round pick plus Sheppard in exchange for Jared Allen.

Now we can't confirm this report by any means this late at night. But we're told by and NFL source that KC is entertaining offers for Allen. At the moment Allen is out of the country so trading him before he gets back to the State would bode well for any deal to simmer to a high boil before Allen could react to it with the local media.

Still I've always maintained that the two sides would work out a deal. According to another source, Allen isn't looking to break the bank. He's looking for a Signing Bonus/Guarantee in the $30 million range.

A year ago he asked for an $18 million Signing Bonus/Guarantee when the two sides met at the NFL Combines in February of 2007. The Chiefs countered with a one-year offer worth $2.2 million. That's when these talks went south and they haven't flown North since.

To our knowledge there have been no substantial talks between the Chiefs and Ken Harris on either a long term contract or any parameters for a possible trade.

Stay Tuned to Warpaint Illustrated for the very latest on Jared Allen.

UPDATE: February 28th - 9:00 PM

Ok I'm sharing the info that I received from someone in Jared Allen's camp earlier this afternoon. According to this source, there HAVE been NO contract talks with Ken Harris and Denny Thum as of this afternoon. The information we received earlier in the week indicated that there had been talks between the Chiefs and Harris. But per this source there has been ZERO contact. NOW this could be posturing to be honest.

About an hour ago I received a tip that Allen is furious with the Chiefs and that there MAY be some truth to the report in the Pioneer Press from Wednesday that the Chiefs might be willing to trade Allen for the right price.

I stress that these are known sources on each topic but by no means am I willing to stick my neck out either way. I'm attempting to get more information.

All I can say is that appears that this isn't going to get settled with the Chiefs anytime soon and I think Chiefs fans should prepare for the inevitable that he COULD be traded.

So to be honest I'm just passing it along and I'd give this a two or three out of five on the reliable meter.

February 27 - 2008
There is a report circulating that the Kansas City Chiefs may attempt to trade Jared Allen before the start of free agency. Per my sources, the report on Yahoo sports is nothing more than speculation.

I've heard that the two sides have discussed a new contract and that its too early to indicate that that two sides will or won't settle on an agreement.

Though I can say if another team does indeed make a play for Allen and they're willing to give up a pair of first round draft picks for him, I can't see the Chiefs matching the offer. That's JUST my opinion and one I've shared previously.