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Will Brody ever get a win in the NFL?

Asked if he could definitively say Kansas City will not choose a passer with its first draft pick, Edwards paused for a moment and shook his head.

No, he says finally. Youll never say that. You cant.

Part of that is because the Chiefs, like all NFL teams, are playing poker and revealing their intentions would be showing their hand. But the team just is not sold yet that Croyle is the long-term answer at its most visible position.

I dont think you could make a rational argument that hes better than the bottom third of the league, says Randy Cross, an NFL analyst who called a late-season Chiefs game for CBS. Hes got some of the intangibles. But you cant do it on potential. Hes not capable of carrying a team, but I dont think there are many of those guys.

And, says another CBS analyst with Kansas City experience, there is little time for Croyle to prove himself.

He has a year, says Rich Gannon, Chiefs quarterback from 1995 to 1998. If theyre still not winning, you have to go get somebody else who will win.

This season will be critical for Croyle. The Chiefs think enough of him that they likely will resist the temptation of drafting a quarterback in the first round. They likely will draft one in the later rounds, proof they dont think so much of Croyle that they do not want insurance.

Until draft weekend, when the Chiefs show how they really feel about Croyle, the young quarterback will continue to be around. He will keep getting up early, hunting and heading to the stadium. He will show he is committed to the Chiefs even if the Chiefs cannot say they are committed to him.

He needs to have a fresh start, Edwards says. Its up to him and us to be successful. Hes going to get an opportunity, and thats all he wants. He wants to prove to himself he can be an NFL quarterback and win in this league. At the end of the day, hes got to perform.

He went through tough times last year playing. He didnt anticipate that. He didnt at all. Hes going to find out a lot about himself now.