What the hell does Kyle know that the authorities don't know?

Kyle Turley Wants Pacman Jones Banned

Posted Mar 26th 2008 9:31AM by Michael David Smith
Filed under: Chiefs, Titans, Kansas City, Nashville
Former Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Kyle Turley, who retired after the 2007 season, has never been shy about expressing his opinions. And on ESPN Radio today, Turley expressed some very strong opinions about suspended Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam Pacman Jones.

Asked whether Jones should be reinstated into the NFL after serving a suspension for the entire 2007 season, Turley insisted that he shouldn't, saying that he believes Jones was directly responsible for a shooting in Las Vegas last year that left a man named Tom Urbanski paralyzed. Jones pleaded no contest to a charge of conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct, a gross misdemeanor

But Turley said he's personally familiar with the facts of the Jones case, and he said on the air today, "There's a lot more to this story than people want to know. I wish the entire thing would come out and who was there and who Pacman was in cahoots with. ... Pacman was definintely involved with this whole thing and the instigator of the whole incident."

It seems unlikely that Turley actually knows more about what happened than the authorities do, and it seems unlikely that if Jones were really as directly responsible for the shooting as Turley seems to believe, that the authorities would let him off with a no contest plea to a misdemeanor. But what does seem likely is that a lot of NFL players, like Turley, are sick of the way the handful of guys like Jones tarnish the reputation of the entire league.