The Chiefs have no idea who they will have as a QB. I've said this before, but
we need to give Croyle the ball and see if the kid can play. We also need to
get as many rookie and second year players STARTING on the field as possible. I would much rather have our young players fire tested with a schedule like the 2007 schedule than get a cake schedule for these guys and let them waste it with inexperience. I am much more excited about this season and the opportunity presented to the Chiefs than i have been in a really long time. It's not filled with a false sense of optomism either!! I hope we get to see our young players step up in a rebuilding year with an awful schedule and become the future of this franchise!! Let's look at this!!:

This is what our team COULD look like if we take advantage of this season.

* - second year starters

  • Tamba Hali* DE
  • Bernard Pollard* SS
  • Jarrad Page* FS
  • Marcus Maxey* CB (if he can play AT ALL)
  • Derrick Johnson LB (3rd year starter)
  • Donnie Edwards LB
  • Napoleon Harris LB (6th year starter)
  • Jarred Allen DE (4th year player)
  • Alphonso Boone DT
  • Ron Edwards DT
  • CB, DT, DT
This leaves 3 positions to fill with vets like Greg Wesley, Pat Surtain, Ty Law, Ryan Sims, Kendrell Bell, Eric Hicks, Jimmy Wilkerson, Keyaron Fox and Kris Griffin. Not to mention one or maybe two of our first three round draft picks. I'm probably forgetting someone, but you get the point. we could watch this defense grow up together!!! LET THEM PLAY!!!

  • Brodie Croyle QB *
  • Larry Johnson RB (second year as starter)
  • Tony Gonzales TE
  • Chris Terry OT
  • Tre Stallings OG (if shields retires)
  • Casey Wiegman C (he won't retire yet)
  • Brian Waters OG
  • Damion Mcintosh OT
  • Jeff Webb WR *
  • Eddie Kennison WR
  • Samie Parker WR
  • Boomer Grigsby FB (3rd year player)
While the offensive side of the ball is much more experienced, there is still room to infuse youth. Let Webb fly. Draft another WR and let Kennison and Dante Hall go. We've still got Rod Gardner here. He will be going into his 4th or 5th year. He was a FIRST ROUND PICK!! While Mcintosh fills a hole, he's not the stud left OT we need. We could either draft one or plug in Ramiro Pruneda from Mexico and see if he's worth the roster spot.

Bottom line, there are way too many questions on this team for us to expect a deep playoff run with the schedule we were handed this year. If we win a few games, great. I hate to see the Chiefs lose more than anything. Hell, i put a hole in my wall when the Chargers scored that 80+ TD run after the Pollard block punt the play before. Believe me, I HATE when the Chiefs lose, but we should look at this year as a developement year and look for a MONSTER season in 08. By then, we'll have at least 14 new players aquired though the draft on our roster who aren't there as of this writing. they will be in their first 2 years and our young players now will only be in thier 4th or 5th.

We also will have the option to draft a QB early in the first round of the 08 draft if Croyle doesn't pan out. This should be the focus of the Kansas City Chiefs and all Chief fans. Until we stop supporting mediocre teams, Carl is gonna keep doing business as usual and sell a crap load of tickets for a .500 ball club. As a fan base, we should cry out for a championship quality team every year but have the patience to realize that it may take a year or two to become a perenial powerhouse.