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Thread: DT Kris Jenkins On Chiefs Radar?

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    Default DT Kris Jenkins On Chiefs Radar?

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    Friday, Apr 13


    Dad: Jenkins aware of trade talk, has trainer


    Carolina defensive tackle Kris Jenkins is working out with a personal trainer, preparing for the possibility he will be traded, his father said Wednesday.
    Darome Jenkins,speaking from his home in Hawaii, said Kris called him after seeing the Observer's story on the subject of a possible trade. St. Louis, Denver and Kansas City are among teams rumored to be interested.
    "He took it all in stride; he said, `Well Dad, I've got to go see my trainer,' " Darome said.
    Kris, who played at Maryland, is working out with a trainer and using the school's facilities.
    "That's why he went up to Maryland, to get in shape without the distractions there might be in Charlotte," his father said. "They work him hard over at the university. I'm sure he's doing what he's got to do to get his weight down."
    The Panthers prefer Jenkins to play at about 335 pounds, but he has drifted considerably higher in other offseasons. Last year, though, he was healthy and made the Pro Bowl after missing almost all of the two previous seasons with injuries.
    Jenkins' agent, Tony Paige, has advised him not to speak to the media.

    I made mention of Jenkins the other night in the MOCK MADDNESS thread but did not bother to open up that can of worms at the time...but today is another day and high time to get it figured out!

    This offseason has already witnessed a massive overhaul of the Chiefs interior defensive line. To date Kansas City has re-signed DL Jimmy Wilkerson to a one-year deal, re-signed DT Ron Edwards to a four-year contract and added ex-Bear DT Alfonso Boone with a four-year signing. Surprisingly so far, DT Ryan Sims is still holding down a roster spot. The Chiefs remained busy exploring other possibilites as well by entertaining such free agents as Alvin McKinley and Ian Scott. Now word has it, the Chiefs might be considering a trade for Panthers Big-Butt DT Kris Jenkins.

    Jenkins is a player though often injured and sometimes more than alittle over weight. But with the draft talent pool as slim as it is, the Chiefs may need to ventor into this possibility. Trading for Jenkins is managable but with a price. Carolina is rumored to be looking for a first day pick, and could very well accomplish this based on Jenkins' upside. To do so, the Chiefs will need to get creative in light of their low stockpile of picks. Provided below is one trade that could float:

    K.C. to Carolina: FS Greg Wesley and draft pick #3/84.
    Carolina to K.C.: DT Kris Jenkins and draft pick #4/118.

    The Panthers are in need of several upgrades most notably at FS, LB and TE. If the Panthers were to accept this trade they could purse either TE Greg Olson or a trio of LBs Jon Beason, Lawrence Timmons or Paul Poluszny in the first round. They are still "protected" with a possible draft selection of LB Brandon Siler in round two or H.B. Blades or Stewart Bradley with pick #3/84. Additionally, TE Martez Miller and Scott Chandler should still be on the board at pick #3/83. Obtaining FS Greg Wesley would not only meet the Panthers/ needs in the secondary but also free up their first round pick.

    Now onto the Chiefs and their interesting move with Jenkins...Kris is a monster of a man without question and in relationship to the other mentioned DTs on the Chiefs roster, almost seems out of place. If Jenkins were to be added, the question must be asked, "What would the rotation look like?"
    Good question, glad I asked!! Well, it would seem somewhat off balanced and incomplete...

    LDT BOONE 6-3 318
    LDT EDWARDS 6-3 315
    LDT SIMS 6-4 315

    RDT JENKINS 6-4 335 [350]
    RDT ????????

    Jimmy Wilkerson at 290 looks destined for a backup role at DE once again, so depth is still an issue behind Jenkins.

    Our "cracked-up" research staff at Cisco Kid Draft Nonsense (Me, myself and I) have rolled up our eyelids and gone a huntin'...

    Depth behind Jenkins can and should come in two forms, (1) free agency and (2) draft. As far as free agency goes, believe it or not there is a player still out there that fits this need...DT Kenderick Allen. Allen was with the Packers last season but suffered a foot injury that landed him on the IR. But word has it that he is fully recovered and working out with hopes to land up with the Detroit Lions. Nothing against the Lions, but something tells me the Chiefs might just make for a better career move. But this move (signing Allen) would still leave the Chiefs on shakie ground due to both Allen and Jenkins' injury history.

    Remembering that part of the trade for Jenkins involved obtaining Carolina's 4th round pick of #118, the Chiefs could close the book on their concerns with the interior defensive line by selecting DT Paul Soliai from Utah. Soliai packs his own punch with a frame of 6-4 344. Sure, as is the case with any and all draft picks, Soliai does have some baggage.

    So anywho, there you guys go. Today if that hot babe at the office should look you up and down and ask,

    "Say, you studly Chiefs fan what do you think about DT Kris Jenkins?"

    BINGO! You my friend are set and ready to roll!!
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