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Thread: Looking For The Next Tom Brady

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    Default Looking For The Next Tom Brady

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    As is my nightly custom, I generally take a few minutes out to visit some of the NFL information
    sites to get the lastest news about our Chiefs. Tonight without exception I buzzed over to one
    of my favorites, KFFL (great site, highly recommend it!).

    There was the "breaking news" about the Chiefs re-signing DT James Reed to a blockbuster
    3-year deal, and the uplifting spit about Chiefs RB Derrick Ross being selected as the NFL Europa's
    Offensive Player of the Week. But what brought things to a quick stand still was the piece about
    QB Tyler Thigpen:

    KFFL: Joey Turner has comfirmed to KFFL that the Kansas City Chiefs will meet with
    Coastal Carolina QB Tyler Thigpen.

    Alright, I'll be an Honest Abe, I've never heard of QB Tyler Thigpen. But what actually
    drew my attention was;

    (1) What and where on earth is Coastal College? Sorry, no disrepect intended towards the
    Big South Conference or Coastal College but it kind of sounds like a nursing school or something.
    Was this guy being scouted from their flag football team?

    (2) Thigpen!! Now that's a name that brings back memories. I seem to recall a wide receiver with
    the Pittsburgh Steelers of the early/mid 90's by this name, could they be related?!

    Well, my interest had been pricked by this point...So off to "research land".
    Check this out: Coastal College is a small Division I-AA school with an enrollment of about 8,000
    students and the kicker here is, it's about eight miles away from Myrtle Beach South Carolina!
    Nursing school or not, that's not such a bad location for doing most anything.

    Knee deep into this thing already, I thought I should at least find out what I could about
    Mr. Tyler "Tom Brady II" Thigpen. Come to find out, Thigpen was selected as an Division I-AA
    All-American and was a starter for all four seasons. To boot, this guy put up some impressive
    numbers even though it was in the Big South; 339-217 with a passer completion rate of 64%,
    29 TDs and 11 INTs, ranked second nationally in Division I-AA and amassed a total of nine
    Big South seasonal records and missed the 3,000 passing yard mark by just 55 yards. Not bad!

    Tyler Thigpen [6-3 223] was not invited to the NFL combine tryouts and may not even be
    drafted, seventh round at best, but that doesn't mean he has gone unnoticed. Aside from the
    Chiefs, other NFL teams have shown interest; Philadelphia, Minnesota, Cincinnati, and Detroit.

    Is Tyler Thigpen the next late round diamond in the rough Tom Brady type? Probably not, but if
    he is to become that, how sweet it would be if he were wearing Chiefs red & gold!
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    A traumatic moment for any one!! (grin)

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    ...One for which there is no psychiatric help.

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