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    Here it is! The final list. Those who have not sent me seat requests Leeana will be getting upper deck seats.

    Here is the order that will be going in.

    Lower Level

    Canada - 3 tickets
    Coach - 1 ticket
    YZILLA - 3 tickets
    HayVern - 2 tickets
    Chief31 - 1 ticket
    Royalswin- 1ticket
    Chieffrom - 2 tickets

    Upper Deck are $150-190 I will let you know the final price for sure on Friday

    Upper Deck

    HH - 2 tickets
    Chiefster - 4 tickets
    Moefoe - 2 tickets
    Tornado - 4 tickets
    Tammie T - 2 tickets
    Anaeelback- 2tickets
    Guru - 1 ticket

    Upper deck are $41-59 and I will let you know the final price on those as well on Friday!

    A total of 30 Crowders will be attending, Additional tickets are available subject to availability so if you need more let me know ASAP and I will do what I can for you!!


    If everyone is good with the Red Roof inn I can reserve a block of rooms there as well. Prices are about $60 a night with one King size bed or $70 a night with two queen beds. I am talking to the manager there on Friday about discounts as well. We should be able to get about 10% (I am guessing) If you need a room let me know how many rooms you want, one or two beds and I will reserve them for everyone. Red Roof Inn is on Noland Rd (3.6 miles from Arrowhead) We can organize a carpool from the hotel on gameday if anyone is interested. Let me know ASAP about Hotel rooms as I would like to reserve them as early as we can!!

    Thanks again to everyone for getting me all the info for the tickets. I will be sending out payment info most likely on Friday!!


    Old details below.

    Here is where we stand with the home opener. Thank you to everyone who has sent me the requested info. I am still missing some things from some people. If you do not send me your contact info, NO TICKETS will be reserved under your name. If you do not tell me how many tickets you want, NO TICKETS will be reserved for you. If you do not tell me how much you want to spend on tickets/where you want to sit, then you will get the $59.00 seats in the 300 level.

    He is my updated list or what info I have and what I still need from each person.

    Completed orders

    Canada - 4 tickets
    Coach - 1 ticket
    HermHater - 2 tickets
    TammieTailgator - 2 tickets
    Hayvern - 2 tickts
    Chiefster - 4 tickets
    Chief31 - 1 ticket

    Incomplete orders
    Missing seat/price requests

    Moefoe - 2 tickets
    YZILLA - 3 tickets
    Tornado Spotter - 4 tickets
    Anaeelbackwards - 2 tickets

    People who said they want to go and have sent me nothing

    Chief from the North

    *Please do not post whore in this thread. This is enough of a pain in the *** trying to keep everyones info in order. Please PM me info ASAP. Remember, if you have not given me contact info or # of tickets you want. You will not get any. If you have not given me a seat request you will be sitting in the 300 level. Final Order with specific seats have to be ordered the day the schedule is announced so PLEASE get them in. I do not want to see any one left out, but I am not paying for anyone else's tickets!!

    Thank you for your Cooperation!!

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