I am extremely happy about getting Dwayne Bowe from LSU. I wanted him all along. What dissapointed me was the next pick. Turk McBride. He is a tweener DE-DT, but if they wanted that they could have picked up Ray McDonald from Florida. I thought it would be a steal to get Josh Beekman in the third. Nope. The Chiefs took DeMarcus Tyler, wich is a good pick, but still. I thought the Chifs deffinetely going to trade up witht their two 5th rounders when Beekman was on the board late 4th. Instead we spent our two seconds on a running back and a kicker. We finally got Herbert Taylor for the O-Line, but it was far too late. We should have gotten O-Line much earlier. With their 7th pick, it seemed logical to take Travarous Bain or another corner. But a Tight End.
Overall, I think the draft was average, not too bad because they came away with Bowe and Tyler.