This is a Draft that may define Peterson and Edward's career together. Last season we got a guy in Tamba who is relentless, putting constant pressure from the outside and a clogger-upper in the middle. We found our future safeties, and they are gonna be as good as we have EVER had!!! Hard to beat?? Well I think Bowe is the "Real Deal", and if he is this will open this offense up. No longer a constant 8 man front from defenses. The addition of Tank and Turk and there ability to clog the middle and get into the backfield is only going to improve a defense that has already improved last year to 16 overall from 30th the year before. Along with a couple late sighnings that I'm faithfull the chiefs will make before camp and there is a good chance this team is gonna surprise a lot of us in '07.

Here is a thought. We all know how good Kennison is looking this off-season, he is in great shape. He will be productive once more this year. Jeff Webb has ALL kinds of potintial, Parker is parker...Now we bring in Bowe, and if were lucky:sign0076: K. Johnson!! Now tell me that won't open up LJ. If we can get this offense going, there is NO doubt the defense will improve. A top 10 defense is VERY possible in '07. There are a lot of if's...But....we r chiefs fans, right.