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I see my post pissed you off ! For that I'm sorry . If you had been a regular here you would have noticed we have had a rash of jackasses trying to sell crap on here. I'm not calling your stuff crap , But all we have had in the last few weeks is spammers. If you were intersted in being here in the first place I would have thought you might have tried posting your opinions on the chiefs , news, etc. I didn't call you any names? I Think its cool to have autographed stuff . I think a true chiefs fan would treasure it instead of Hocking it on forums. It is your right as an American to do so . Its also my right to say how I feel about it . I never disrespected you , I merely said I don't want to be one of of those fans who gets autographs for profit . If you were really actually , truly a chiefs fan then you would maybe take it easy on the flipping out and just hang out and talk chiefs with us , not try and sell us something we can get all over Kanas City.
the point is that if you dont want anything to do with the shirt, why post? what was your motivation for posting all this negative stuff when i dont even know you? ask yourself that, i think you will or at least should realize that your all dicks and im done with this place.