I am really annoyed with all the chatter of getting Brett Favre. I mean dont get me wrong the guys great but the facts are we are rebuilding and we are not just one player away from a superbowl. I really honestly think we have a chance to win 9 games at least an even .500 season. We HAVE to give croyle a whole season everyone is always griping about how he did so horrible in his starts last year but he had no protection, It doesnt matter if we had peyton manning back there... ok maybe it would but still Croyle CAN be a great QB i think the QB comparsion articles at kcchiefs.com is great and shows that Croyles progression is not bad at all. The only chatter i heard worth listening is if croyle does bad this season seeing about working a deal with the brownies for Quinn other than that get off his N**ts and give him the chance ! GO CHIEFS !!!!!