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We are back to the same place we've been before.

Why bring in a QB like Garcia to a team that has zero chance to make a SB run?

It was stupid to start Huard last year to begin the season, because all it did was delay finding the answer to whether Croyle was the future.

It would have served no purpose to bring in another castoff last year other than to maintain the mediocrity train.
Pretty good cast off!!!!!!!!! I think the Chiefs realize that they made a mistake in drafting Croyle! They obviously have no confidence in him or he would have played more last season! Now we are still where we were before we drafted him therefor prolonging mediocrity even longer! If we would have some how gotten a Garcia, after the changes we made in this draft, maybe we would have a chance at a playoff spot. You can't have a questionable at best rookie QB running a squad that is young and inexperienced itself! Experience with some success is FAR more valuable when having a team this young! If Croyle starts, it will be the blind leading the blind yet again!