Hello Friends of the CROWD, Lets Talk KOOLAID!!......


Lets start off with Brandon Albert/Tamba Hali. Here is a Quote from Pat Clifton from Warpaint:
Brandon Albert has shown some real promise in Keeping Tamba Hali away from the quarterback, but Hali has gotten the better of the rookie a few times as well. One of the most amazing things about the Chiefs first three picks in the 2008 draft, is that they all play a position of need for Kansas City, but they all have FANTASTIC sparring partners in practice. Dorsey has Waters, Flowers has Bowe, and Albert has Hali, making a Great enviornment for players to get better.

Ever since Herm Arrived in Kansas City, he has preached the need for competiton in training camp and in practice. Well, it looks like he finaslly got it."

Well, I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is exactly the kind of competition that should get a CHIEF fan pumped right now. What better way to season your rookie, then to put them up against proven players? This is where you speed the process. And for those of you reading about Brian Waters getting the best of Glenn Dorsey, you have to remember that defensive tackle is in fact a tough position to judge. But having Brian Waters as the guy that Glenn Dorsey is practicing against is a very good for everyone. Its good for the offense, the defense, the coaches, and the fans in the long run. Here is another Quote from Pat Clifton from Warpaint:

"Dorsey is still a young player, and he's practicing against a Pro Bowl guard in Brian Waters. There's no better situation for him than right here in Kansas City, where he has a great sparring partner, love from the hometown fans, and an opportunity to start. Just temper your excitement so as not to be disappointed. "

I guess your thinking, BARRY!!! what are you "The Koolaid Drinker" doing bringing up this quote? Well its simple, Im just redirecting your excitement toward the proper channel. And that's Tank Tyler my friends. Here's a couple reasons why. Take it away Mr. Clifton!!

"I'm sure everyone is getting their fill of Glenn Dorsey info, but lets talk about Tank Tyler. He is straight up blowing away the second team guards, be it Travis Leffew, or Te Stallings. Leffew may have had his feelings hurt this morning by Tanks Dominance. In an offseason Sit down with the media, Gunther Cunningham talked about the development of Tyler, and about how once he started to realize he's stronger than the guards he's facing, he's going to breakout.

That confidence is definately on display in River Falls. In the same sit down, Cunningham said Tank was the best defensive lineman the Chiefs had on first and second down last season, he just needed to work on his pass rush. It's lind of neat to see the passing of the torch from Ron Edwards to Tank Tyler. Edwards may not be ready to pass it, but Tyler will take it. He is going to be a devastating run stopper, and his bull rush is definitely collapsing the pocket in passing situations. If there is one guy who I am really impressed with so far in training camp, its Tank Tyler."

Tank has been my guy since we drafted him, and I'm sticking to him. When we drafted Glenn Dorsey, I expected a reaction from Tank Tyler. Well, we didnt get one, he's gonna do it on the field, that much is clear at this point. Now, Raise your Koolaid glass, and close your eyes, and JUST IMAGINE,...

TANK TYLER, and GLENN DORSEY on the SAME LINE Thats a tasty Flavor right there. Moving on!!!

All reports about Brodie Croyle are SOLID, and right on the money. He is having a very good camp. Aside from our recievers dropping passes left and right, Brodie has been playing very well. It seems that Bowe, Franklin, and Sippio are the only recievers that arent dropping every other pass. C.E. Wendler wrote Sunday:

"Brodie really looks like he's in complete control out there. Not only is he using audibles, but his effective use of the hard count has drawn severel lineman offsides."

Ya, Brodie is going to be fine. He will make his mistakes, I understand that, but he is going to have a Breakout year like it or not. Thats the way I see it, GULP!! He has the arm to do it, now he has the Audible, the line, and coach to help him over the hump. My story isnt changing folks, Brodie is the man.

Lets Talk about FLOWERS! C.E. Wendler wrote:
" It's clear why the Chiefs spent the second round pick on Cornerback Brandon Flowers. Despite the fact that Brodie Croyle had oodles of time to throw on one particular play, Flowers stayed with reciever Davard Darling, blanketing his inside route almost 20 yards down the field."

Brandon Flowers has also been really good at snuffing out the bootleg which will come in handly when we play the Donkeys, and Shanahan tries to be cute with his little bootleg calls every time they play us. I feel reeally good about Flowers, and JUST THIS SECONDARY overall. The fact that we are going to play Man coverage this year on the outside, that we have the speed, and size to do so, and that we will be able to allow our linebackers to make a play, just gets me goosebumps. And to think that he is going to work against Bowe, and has been doing a pretty damn good job of it so far in the first week of training camp???? Ya, its all good, no more Ty Laws, no more dropping back 10 yards off the reciever, none of that crap. We get into the WR's face this year my friends.

Now, I have talking just POSITIVE, so lets look at some of the things I'm concerned with.

Number one, Barry Richardson has had a slow start according to reports. He was getting beat by Trevor Johnson in practice yesterday. Number two, and I mean a big NUMBER 2, our backup quarterback Damon Huard. Here's another quote from C.E. Wendler from Warpaint:

"Damon Huard looks nothing like the quarterback who once guided the Chiefs to five wins in 2006. He's tantative in the pocket, constantly double clutching indecisively, and his passes float like balloons most of the time. Today he overthrew one reciever near the sideline so badly, the ball hit the orange fence way out of bounds. Later, in 7-on 7's, Huard couldnt even hit a reciever on a short out pattern. Any quarterbacks on the waiver wire?"

It looks like to me, Damon is giving up. He has had a horrible camp so far, and I cant wait for Farve to sign with Tampa or New York so we can get aq QB, Im hoping for Pennington as a backup, or Garcia, but I wount serve that glass of koolaid here, so I will shut up on the matter.

It's still early, so I remain optimistic about Richardson, about our kick retuner being decided, and I also am hoping that Thigpen can string together a good camp as well. He's the number two at this poiint, and thats scary for a guy who was a streetball type player.

Now, I would like to quote one of my hero's Tony Gonzalaz, apparently, he's drinking the koolaid too, ....

Q: When you hear the word rebuilding, everyone thinks this team isn’t going to be any good. What do you think of that?

GONZALEZ: “I think it’s more than I can say right now, because most people aren’t going to believe it. People in my own family are like ‘yeah right, whatever.’ I’m proud of them. We’re a lot better than last year and I feel like we’re a lot farther along. We’re still learning the offense, the defense has had a year underneath their belt, but it’s young guys. I think these young guys can play, I mean, they can go. It’s going to be a good year.”
Q: Do you think that this year this team can play at a high level?

GONZALEZ: “The thing about this year is that we do have a young team. We’re going to get a good core group of guys together, there’s no doubt about that. By the end of the year, we’re going to have a really good football team, and then going into next year it’s just going to be that much better because we’ll be that much farther ahead. That’s my thinking at this point.”

OH and about BRODIE CROYLE.....hahahahahaaaaaaa

GONZALEZ: “I do. I mean, Brodie’s got a cannon, he likes to throw that thing in there. Damon’s more of a touch guy, so you get used to different speeds. During the Jets game last year, me and Brodie sometimes, it wasn’t working. When I was open it wouldn’t be where I like it, and I think he’s going to figure it out and I’m going to figure out where he likes it too. It’s all about getting that experience together and we’ll make sweet music when it’s all said and done.”

Yes Sir, it is gonna be SWEET MUSIC when its all said and done isnt it? It starts in Foxboro, And I think we'll be ready.

To the Youngest (and greatest) team in all of the land.
The Kansas City Chiefs
THE 2008-09 Shock team of the NFL