81 yards after the first kickoff of 08' I couldnt be happier. Well, Maybe a little bit happier. For the most part The Starting O looked great against a very good Bears defense. I thought that Brodie was a little irratic, but also looked very sharp on the bootlegs especially. It seems like our run blocking was terrific but the p*** blocking needs help. Is Will Frankilin starting #2? He looked like a great compliment to Dwayne Bowe. I have figured out why Sippio is a fan favorite. When you come from nowhere and never drop a catch, Its pretty hard not to be! When are they gonna give this guy a shot with the 1st stringers or even in the slot! I thought Herb taylor and adrien jones were awful in p*** protection and I hope that Branden albert is prepared when he gets healthy, cause we need him bad. Rudy Niswanger looked terrific, Especially in the draw plays. All in all I think that Chan Gailey knows how to make Brodie effective and I cant wait for regular season week 2. Did I say that? I meant week 1 of coarse.